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Trail Use

Please remember we share the trail and respect everyone's safety and enjoyment in the park.

Lochside Trail

In February 2016, EBLES wrote a letter to CRD parks asking that equestrian access be retained in the Martindale Valley. Tony Wass and JoAnne Nelson pursued this by attending CRD meetings and trying to work with other user groups of Lochside trail. Eventually the CRD decided not to pave the trail and to continue allowing horses access in the Martindale and the Blenkinsop Valleys. We must, however, remain vigilant in protecting all the trails we have access to. Attend CRD meetings, answer surveys, and make sure the voice of horse riders is not drowned out by larger, organized user groups.

So now, it really behooves us, as riders, to make certain that we do our best to make every horse - non rider meeting on the trail a pleasant one. Ride single file on the right and walk within 50 metres of non riders. Make eye contact, and be friendly and agreeable.